How to Prioritize Your Website Tasks to Make the Most Impact

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How to Prioritize Your Website Tasks to Make the Most Impact

You probably have a million items on your website to do list, am I right? Things like updating blog posts, creating new sales pages, and setting up shop. It never ends.

Tackling it all is a challenge. Just as you cross one thing off your list, another thing gets added. It’s overwhelming.

That’s where prioritizing your website tasks comes in.

Sorting your website to do list based on priority allows you to focus on what really needs to get done. Because let’s face it, half of your website tasks aren’t crucial. They’re probably things that would be great to do, but aren’t necessary.

I like to create 3 website to do lists: now, soon, and someday.

The now list includes things that need to get done in the near future, within the next week or two.

The soon list is for all the tasks that need to get done, but aren’t as time sensitive. Things on this list will likely get completed within the next month.

The someday list is for all other tasks. Things that you’d like to do, but aren’t needed right this minute. They might be things that need more planning or they might just be ideas for the future.

Your goal is to focus on the now items first, then move onto the soon list. I never actually get to my someday list. Why? Well because every week or two I reevaluate my list and move things around. Something that was on my someday list might now be a priority. And more often than not, the items get dropped completely as I change my mind and my plans change direction.

What’s great about this method is that you’re no longer getting overwhelmed staring at a to do list a mile long. Your now list is a manageable size. And with each item you cross off, you’re making an impact on your site since you’re completing things that you need to get done rather than things that you want to get done.

4 thoughts on “How to Prioritize Your Website Tasks to Make the Most Impact”

  1. This is an awesome idea, Allyssa. I’ve done this with my regular to-do list before but not with my business one – somehow I got in the mentality that they’re all URGENT. I’m going to give this a try, though – just the thought of it is already making the stress melt away. Thank you!

    1. Allyssa Barnes

      Hi Victoria. You’re welcome! I know that feeling. As a designer all my website tasks seem urgent, but in reality, only a few are. Glad this post came in handy 🙂

  2. This is so cool. I did a similar thing a couple of weeks back and create a template too. I named my list Top Priority, Primary, and then Secondary. But yours is way cooler with Now, Soon, and Someday. This is really helpful.

    Stay Awesome,

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