Why Your Website Isn’t Booking Any Clients

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Why Your Website Isn't Booking Any Clients

As a service-based business owner, having a website is a must. But just having a website isn’t enough in terms of booking clients. Your website needs to be built in a way that encourages your ideal client to book with you.

Because let’s face it. Everyone has a website nowadays. It’s relatively cheap and there are a ton of design solutions out there. With a minimal investment and a few hours anyone can build a website.

So if anyone can build a website and open for business, how can you build a website that attracts your ideal clients and gets them to book with you? Here are 5 reasons why your website isn’t booking any clients.

No one knows what you do

If I were to go to your website right now, would I immediately know what you do? If not, then how would potential clients know?

By not explaining what it is that you do, you’re doing yourself a disservice. People aren’t going to read every page and blog post and guess what it is you do. You need to tell them. And not just once. No, we’re talking multiple times.

People will be landing on your website from a variety of different pages. Some might land on your homepage, others on blog posts, and others on your services page. Regardless of what page they land on, how clear is it about what you do?

Now keep in mind every page doesn’t need to include a blurb about the services you offer. But I should get a good idea immediately. And making sure links to an about or services page are easily accessible will make it super easy for me to find out for sure.

It’s not obvious you can be hired

As the person behind your website, you know that you can be hired. But does the average person who lands on your website know that? Nope. When someone first lands on your site, they may have no idea what you offer. You need to make it clear to them that your services can be purchased.

If people have to dig to find your services, they’re not going to hire you. You need to make it easy! Add a services link to your menu. And on your services page make sure you make it clear about the services you do offer. Beyond your services page though, think about your homepage. Many people will first land on your site via this page (and if not, they’ll likely click over there first), so make sure to mention that you offer certain services.

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You’re not providing a compelling reason for people to hire you

You might think your website is all about you, but the truth is, it’s about your ideal clients. Think about it. Who wants to read page after page about some person on the internet? I mean, I can think of only 1 or 2 instances where that’d be interesting, but in none of those instances would I likely be looking to hire that person.

People care about themselves, not you. They’re on your site because they want to get something out of it. If you want them to hire you, you need to provide compelling reasons for them to want to hire you. Don’t just tell them what you do, but tell them how you can help them. Appeal to their sense of selfishness.

If you’re a coach, let them know what results they’ll get after working with you. Hit on their struggles and frustrations and inform them how you are the answer they’ve been looking for. How working with you will help alleviate their problems? Make hiring you all about them. This isn’t about you. It’s about their problems and how you can solve them.

People can’t easily get in contact with you

Let’s say your site is well-thought out and designed to reel in your ideal client. Great! Now they want to hire you, or at the very least get more information. How easy is it for them to do so?

If you’re making your ideal clients jump through hoops just to get in touch, you’re likely missing out. People are lazy. Your services aren’t unique (as much as you may try to differentiate them). There’s always someone else they can hire. They’re not going to waste their precious time hunting around your site just to contact you.

Inquiring about your services should be easy. Think about the steps they’ll take before hiring you. They’ll likely read your sales page, right? So why not put a button there (or several!) that will encourage them to get in touch.

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Your site is hard to use

There’s a lot more to a site that books clients than effective copy. Usability plays a big part in whether people will book you or not. Think about it. A website that can’t easily be used won’t be used to book your services. People will leave before it even gets to that point.

What could cause your site to be hard to use? Think complicated navigation or non-obvious links, slow loading times, and hard to read text. Pretty much anything that would make a potential client confused or make it hard for them to use your site is fair game.

By making your site easy to navigate, easy to read, and generally easy to use, you’ll ensure that potential clients won’t leave your site before they even have a chance to view your services.

If you sell services on your site, you need to make sure your site is encouraging potential clients to book with you. Make sure your site is clear, enticing, and easy to use, and you’ll be on your way to booking more clients.

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    You really have me re-evaluating my site. I just posted it up on Sunday, and everyday I am tweaking or changing things. Would you mind taking a look at my site and telling me what you think?

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