My Experience at Erin Flynn’s Unstoppable Web Designer Mastermind

September 23, 2021

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Last month I had the pleasure of flying out to Denver, Colorado to attend Erin Flynn‘s Unstoppable Web Designer Mastermind. It was my first business retreat and needless to say, it won’t be my last. The time spent there was life changing. I came back home inspired and ready to make some massive changes in my business. Plus I got to meet some amazing business owners that are totally crushing it.

The Event

The event happened over the course of 3 days. We all flew into Denver on Sunday and met for dinner to introduce ourselves. It was a great way to get to know everyone before we dove into work the next day.

On Monday morning we hit the ground running. We started the day with 20 minute hotseats for each participant. During this hotseat time, we got to tell the group our biggest struggle and receive advice to help us out. Those 20 minutes flew by and so many great ideas were shared.

After our hotseat time was up, we broke for lunch before heading back for a workshop on email marketing hosted by Lauren Pawell of Bixa Media. This workshop was incredible and really got me to see email marketing in a completely new light. After the workshop wrapped up, we all broke up into smaller groups and came up with a plan to move forward. Day one ended with a personalized menu at Sip.

Day two started yet again with hotseats, only this time we used the time to go over the plans we came up with on day one. Once everyone had a turn in the hotseat, we headed out for lunch. When we returned it was time to get to work! We all dove right in and started working on our plans. After implementation time was over, we grabbed an Uber and got dinner at Los Chingones before saying goodbye and heading home.

The Space

The mastermind was held in a suite at The Curtis in downtown Denver, which was such a great location. Not only was the hotel located within walking distance of restaurants, shopping, and other fun things, the hotel itself was actually really cool. Each floor had a different theme (the floor I stayed on was the Chick Flick floor while the floor the suite was on was the Mad About Music floor). The suite itself was the perfect place for us to spread out and get to work. Unlike a stuffy conference room, the suite was super cozy with a couch and other amenities.


Each morning started with hotseats. Each participant got 20 minutes in the hotseat to go over their biggest struggle and get advice from the rest of the group. Day one we really dove into each of our struggles and got some amazing advice. What I found interesting was that in most cases, our biggest struggles weren’t actually what we thought they were. There was usually an underlying issue that we didn’t see. I would definitely not have realized this had it not been for the wonderful insight from the rest of the participants.

The day two hotseat was a bit different from day one. On day two we went over the plans we created on day one. It was a great opportunity to get some more advice on our struggles and make sure we were going to be tackling them in the best way.

Email Marketing Workshop

Lauren of Bixa Media hosted a mini workshop where she went over email marketing. As someone who hates dealing with an email list, I learned a ton and actually learned to hate it a bit less. Everything Lauren said made so much sense! I’ve read tons of stuff on email marketing, but just hearing it in person made a huge difference for me. This was definitely one of the highlights of the event.

Implementation Time

Learning is one thing. Implementation is another. Having dedicated time during the mastermind to actually sit down and get to work was amazing. Makes sense to take advantage of the momentum we were given, right? Plus, getting in some work time with the rest of the group meant that if we ran into any issues or had any questions, we could get immediate feedback. Both Erin and Lauren used this time to make their rounds and give each person individual attention, which was wonderful.

The People

The group of ladies Erin put together worked so well together. Everyone had different backgrounds and brought something unique to the table, yet we had a bunch in common. It made for a great atmosphere where we were really able to get real and share our struggles. And Erin was such a great host. She did a great job with planning things and making sure everyone was involved. I’ve known Erin online for years now and the value she provides online is exactly what she delivered at the mastermind.

The Food

How can we talk about an event without discussing the food? Each place we went was amazing. On both days we had the option to go our own way for lunch, but the group ended up going together. On day one we went to The Market at Larimer Square and day two we went to Denver Milk Market. Both were super tasty!

The night before the mastermind started, we ate dinner at The Corner Office, which was right next door to The Curtis. One day one things got a bit fancy with a personalized menu at Sip. Talk about the red carpet treatment! The second night we had tacos on the rooftop of Los Chingones. It was the perfect way to end the mastermind.

My Experience

The entire mastermind was AMAZING. I went in not knowing what to expect, but the event was completely beyond my expectations. During my hotseat, I wanted to discuss how I felt uncomfortable selling myself without feeling sleazy. While I thought that was my struggle, what it really boiled down to was me not wanting to put myself out there and be the center of attention. Mind blown! I mean, I said that was my kryptonite on the homework we were given, but I would never have put the two together. One of the benefits of working with others!

At the end of the event I was bursting with inspiration and motivation. All I wanted to do was get to work and implement everything I learned. Before the mastermind, I was struggling with my business as I had recently changed directions. I was unmotivated and stuck. But afterwards, I saw my business in a whole new light and got back my motivation. It was a truly transformative experience!


The Unstoppable Web Designer Mastermind taught me so much. It showed me the power of community and how important it is to have friends who get it. But more importantly, it gave me the kick in the butt I needed to take action and put myself out there. Sure, I didn’t come home and start posting Instagram stories every day, but I’m slowly working up to being more visible. The fact that I even recorded and posted an Instagram story in the first place is a big step for me! Had I not attended the mastermind, I would still be sitting here with no intention of ever putting myself out there. That’s a big win! Overall, the Unstoppable Web Designer Mastermind was an amazing experience that I am so glad I got the opportunity to attend.

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