3 Time Saving Tips for Developing Websites

September 23, 2021

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3 Time Saving Tips for Developing Websites

Time. It’s something we all wish we had more of. But unfortunately it’s just not possible. Or is it? While you can’t alter time, you can fake having more time by being smart with the time you do have. This means using shortcuts and tools that will save you time so you can put use your time more wisely. Here are 3 time-saving tips for developing websites that are bound to save you a few hours in your design business.

1. Use a Page Builder

Nowadays you don’t have to know anything about coding to build a website, all thanks to page builders. Page builders are plugins that allow you to drag and drop content exactly where you want it, so there’s no messing with code involved.

There are tons of page builders out there, but 2 popular ones are Beaver Builder and Elementor.

Beaver Builder is my go to page builder. It’s lightweight and easy to use. And best of all, it doesn’t leave behind any shortcodes if uninstalled (I’m looking at you Divi).

Another great page builder is Elementor. I love the interface of this one a lot better, but I haven’t played around with it that much. However, it comes highly recommended so it’s worth a try.

PS: you’ll probably want to buy the developer version of whatever page builder you go with. That will allow you to use it on infinite client sites. And while yes, you can just use the free versions, the premium versions have so many more features that are definitely worth it.

2. Choose the Right Theme

When in comes to building a site, they can be as simple or complex as you make it. You don’t need to start each project by building a theme completely from scratch — that’s crazy! Unless of course you’re creating a really custom site. But even then, you can benefit from choosing the right theme for the project.

If you know you want special features or a particular layout, seek out a theme that has those options. There’s no need to choose a theme that lacks those features when you can save yourself a ton of time by choosing one that does.

For example, if you’re building a site out with a page builder, using a theme that is meant for page builders will save you from having to code custom templates for full width pages. Using the Astra theme or the Beaver Builder theme will give you a head start and will work wonderfully with your page builder.

Similarly, if you’re designing a site for a recipe blog, choosing a theme that has recipe integration is a smart idea. Remember work smarter, not harder!

Also, keep in mind customization options. If you’re not good with making tweaks via CSS, look for a theme that allows you to customize just about every aspect of the site.

3. Hire a Developer

If development is still eating up your time, the best option is to hire a developer. Just think about all the time you’d save by taking development off of your plate completely!

While hiring a developer does include a monetary investment, it is worth it. By outsourcing, you’ll be able to use your time wisely by doing what you’re great at: design. All while the development is being taken care of.

And while hiring a developer may sound scary, it’s all about finding the perfect match for you. Find someone who has worked on sites with similar styles and who communicates well. You’ll also want to check out how you can work with them. Do they offer one-off projects or do they only work on retainer? Do some research and find someone who you feel comfortable with. Then hire them for a small project to see how well you two work together.

Want more time-saving tips? Grab my time-saving checklist for web designers. Click the image below for access.

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