Get More Social Shares With These WordPress Plugins

September 5, 2016

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Get More Social Shares With These WordPress Plugins

You know the phrase “if you build it, they will come?” Well, when it comes to blogging that’s not really the case. The fact is, you need to let people know it exists and only then will they come.

So how do you get the word out?

Two words: social media.

Now I’m sure you’re already sharing your posts on your own social profiles and that’s great. But there’s a small problem: your audience is limited to your followers. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your content in front of fresh eyes?

You can! And it takes little to no work on your part. The trick is to get other people to share your content, which puts your content in front of their audiences. In other words, your content gets seen by more people, with no work on your part. How awesome is that?

But in order to get your content shared, you need to make it easy for people to do so. Below are 7 social sharing plugins that you can install on your WordPress blog that’ll make it easy for your audience to quickly share your content.

1. Sumome

Sumome is a suite of apps that will help you grow your blog. But since this post is all about social media sharing, we’re going to focus on the 3 Sumome apps that will make your content easily shareable: Share, Image Sharer, and Highlighter.

The Share app adds social media sharing buttons to your blog. You know those floating share buttons on the left of many blogs? Well this app will add those for you!

The Image Sharer app does exactly what the name implies: it adds sharing buttons directly to your blog’s images, which is great for getting people to share your images via Pinterest!

And lastly, the Highlighter app is a bit of a unique tool. It allows your readers to highlight any text from within your blog post, then makes that text easily shareable. Plus, it’ll then highlight those shared text snippets in your posts so people can see what bits of text are popular and entice them to share it themselves!

Sumome’s suite of tools is free, but if you want any pro features you can pay to upgrade. But honestly the free version is definitely plenty.

2. Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a premium plugin that makes sharing your content a breeze. It allows you to add social sharing buttons above/below your posts, as well as ones floated off to the site. There’s also the ability to add a pin it button to your images and a shortcode for click to tweet links.

But my favorite part about Social Warfare? The ability to specify social sharing text and images. The plugin adds several fields to each post/page where you can add a Pinterest image and description, tweet text, and another image for other social networks. This makes sharing your content to each platform perfectly optimized. Forget about simply sharing the post title! And while it’s not free, the $29/year is still well worth it!

PS: this is what I’m using on my site!

3. Monarch

If you’re using the Divi theme, you’ve got a great social sharing plugin right at your fingertips. Elegant Themes’ Monarch plugin is a premium sharing plugin included with the Developer license version of Divi.

Monarch gives you the ability to add social sharing buttons above/below your posts, floating on the side, and on images. Plus, they also provide the option to add sharing buttons via a popup or fly-in, both of which can be customized to display on a time delay or when a user is leaving.

4. Naked Social Share

If you’re looking for social sharing buttons that are 1) free, 2) customizable, and 3) simple, the Naked Social Share plugin is a great solution.

It is a fairly simple plugin, so don’t expect tons of bells and whistles. It only comes with buttons for 5 services (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Google+) and unless you’re willing to edit your theme, the only option for placement is below your posts.

However, where this plugin really shines is in the ability to customize the buttons to match your theme. There are so many social sharing plugins out there, but often you’re limited with styling. Naked Social Share focuses solely on functionality, so you can style the buttons to blend seamlessly with your theme.

5. Frizzly

Looking to add sharing buttons to your images? Frizzly is a free plugin that gives you the ability to add Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest buttons to your blog’s images. The plugin is pretty basic, but if you’re looking to add buttons to your blog images, Frizzly is a good option.

6. jQuery Pin It Button for Images

There are a bunch of plugins out there that allow you to add a pin it (or save it) button to your images. And honestly, I haven’t found one as awesome as the jQuery Pin It Button for Images.

What’s so great about this plugin is the ability for you to use a custom image and place it wherever you want on hover. Plus, it has options for what images to display the button on, where to take the description from, and what pages to display on. It has everything you need, without a ton of extra features that you don’t.

7. Click to Tweet

One of my favorite ways to encourage sharing of posts on Twitter is via Click to Tweet links. A Click to Tweet link is a bit of linked text that makes it easy for people to share on Twitter. Like the name implies, all they have to do is click to Tweet.

The Click to Tweet plugin makes inserting tweetable text links a breeze. Just click a button from your text editor, or use their handy shortcode and you’ve made your post easy to share on Twitter.

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Now before you go installing all these plugins, stop and think for a moment. Think about where you want your social sharing buttons displayed and what features are most important to you, then select a plugin (or 2) that includes those features.

For example, if you want a plugin that adds buttons floating on the side, below your posts, and on your images, Social Warfare does it all, so it’ll likely be the only plugin you’ll need for social sharing. If you’re going the free route and want a variety of different sharing options, a combination of Naked Social Share, jQuery Pin It Button for Images, and Click to Tweet would work well since there is no overlap in features.

What are your favorite social sharing plugins? Share them in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “Get More Social Shares With These WordPress Plugins”

    1. Yes, I love how it does that! I have both enabled at the moment because I used the original CTT plugin on my earlier posts. I either have to go and edit them all so I can delete the plugin or just leave it installed. Wish I came across is sooner!

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  2. Hi Allyssa, is Social Warfare for the open graph meta tags stuff? As in, can I upload more than one featured image, then have it pull the correct size for a platform the reader wishes to post the link on? (Portrait for Pinterest, square for IG, landscape for the rest?) And how about placement, is it possible to choose not to display the buttons on the side but only top & bottom?

    Thanks in advance, the OG stuff is making me miserable as nobody writes comprehensively on it.

    1. Social Warfare does have the option to upload 2 different images that get pulled on social media. The one is for Pinterest and the other is for all other networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc). And yes, you can choose the placement of where the sharing buttons display. You can choose above post, below post, both, or none, and then there’s the option as well to display them floating on the side of your site or not.

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