7 Quick Things You Can Do On Your Website Right Now to Grow Your Email List

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7 Quick Things You Can Do On Your Website Right Now to Grow Your Email List

You sign into your email marketing provider to check your stats only to be hit with the realization that your email list is growing at a snail’s pace. You know the importance of growing your list, but nothing seems to be working. You want results and you want them now.

Lucky for you, there are a few ways you grow your email list right now. Each of the 7 ways below should take you no more than 30 minutes and they are sure to give your subscriber count an instant boost.

Create a new lead magnet

You do have a lead magnet, don’t you? If you don’t, it’s time to create one! But if you do and your list just isn’t growing as expected, now is the time to rethink your freebie.

While your current freebie might be perfectly good, it just might not be what your ideal customer is after. So head back to the drawing board and think about what else you can offer your audience in exchange for their email.

Ask yourself these questions:

What is your audience struggling with?

How can you provide them with a quick win?

What content is the most popular?

Once you have the answers to the above questions, you can start to formulate a new lead magnet. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be anything super in-depth or huge. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that work the best. And after all, you just want to provide them with a quick win.

When brainstorming ideas, think about how you can take your idea and turn it into a checklist, a worksheet, a short guide, or even a quick video. But just because we’re trying to be simple here, it doesn’t mean you can cut corners. You still want to provide your audience with tons of value, however that doesn’t mean you need to write a 50 page ebook when something shorter will suffice.

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Add opt-ins throughout site

Now what good is creating a new lead magnet if no one knows about it? Whether or not you do decide to create a new lead magnet or not, you need to make sure that you’ve given your audience plenty of opportunities to sign up for your freebie.

It’s not enough to add an opt-in form once on your site and call it a day. People will likely skim over it or miss it entirely. That’s why multiple opt-in forms are so important.

Take a look at your site right now. How many opt-in forms do you have on your homepage? On each post page? One? Two? More? Take inventory and see if you can add more. If you only have an opt-in on your sidebar, it’s time to add it in some additional places.

Remember, people may have to see your opt-in several times before they sign up. Also, keep in mind that every user is going to land on your site on a different page. They may not land directly on your homepage, so make sure every possible entry point includes a way for them to sign up for your list.

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Add a popup

Inline opt-in forms are great, but popups work so much better since they immediately get people’s attention. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “I hate popups.” And you’re not alone. I absolutely hate them too. But there’s no denying that popups work. That’s why they’re used so often.

But all popups are not created equal. You can use a popup that’s not annoying. It’s called an exit-intent popup and it only appears when someone goes to click off of your site. Since they’re already leaving, it’s not interrupting the user experience. And it’s great as one final last ditch effort to lure them to sign up for your list.

You can still use time delayed popups, but just make sure that 1) they’re set to show up once; and 2) they aren’t triggered immediately on page load. You want people to actually be able to consume your content without being bombarded with popups.

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Add calls to action to the bottom of posts

When people reach the bottom of your blog posts, what do they do? Are you guiding them to sign up for your email list? You should be!

Make sure you make a mental note to do this in all of your future posts, but since we’re talking about quick wins here, you can start by adding calls to action to your most popular posts.

Start by making a list of your top 10-20 blog posts. If they don’t include a call to action, add one! You can embed an opt-in form directly into your blog posts or you can get fancy and create a click triggered popup.

Another option is to add an opt-in to the bottom of each of your blog posts. If your theme has a widget area for below your blog posts, just add an opt-in to that widget area and it’ll appear below each and every blog post.

If your theme doesn’t have that functionality, you can always use a plugin that inserts the opt-in for you, such as PopupAlly.

Create content upgrades for your most popular posts

Speaking of popular posts, you can further take advantage of them by creating content upgrades specifically for each post.

Since content upgrades take a bit of time, start with the 3-5 most popular posts. What freebie can you create to giveaway that ties into each post? For example, if your post is a step-by-step guide, you can create a checklist that outlines all the steps. Or if your post is walking people through something, a worksheet might be beneficial.

Once you have your content upgrades created, add a special form to the posts. You want to make sure that when people sign up via these posts that they’re not signing up for your general sitewide lead magnet. You want to set it up so that they get the freebie that they’re signing up for. This can be done with automations via your email marketing platform.

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Update your opt-in copy

Sometimes we’re doing everything right, but our email lists still aren’t growing. If you’ve done all of the above and still aren’t having much luck, it could be that your opt-in copy isn’t all that enticing.

Writing an effective call to action is tricky. And sometimes, it takes some testing to see exactly what wording will work best. Take a look at your opt-ins. Imagine if you came across those calls to action on another site. Would they catch your attention?

If you said yes, are you sure? Sometimes we’re a bit too close to our own work to see things objectively. Take a look at other sites, particularly those that have gotten you to sign up for their list. What copy did they use? How did they structure their call to action? What emotions or struggles did they play on to get you to sign up?

Looking at examples that have worked on you is a great way to start understanding what works and what doesn’t so you can start to create a formula to use on your site.

Once you have a better understanding of what might work, it’s time to test it out. Update your opt-in copy and give it some time to see if it converts better. You can also do some A/B testing on your opt-ins, which will allow you to compare two different bits of text and see which one works better. In order to run an A/B test though, you’ll need to be using a plugin that has that functionality built in.

Create a pinnable graphic and share it

Pinterest is a great way to get your blog posts in front of your audience, but are you using it for your lead magnet? Just like how you create a pinnable graphic to go along with each of your blog posts, you should be doing the same for your lead magnet.

First, create a landing page specifically for your lead magnet. Many email marketing platforms have this feature available. And if not, you can create just a simple page on your website. Then, create a pinnable graphic and add it to that page.

But since people may not automatically come across that page and pin it themselves, it’s your job to get it out there. Pin it to any relevant boards and group boards. And don’t just do this once! Make sure you’re repinning this pin regularly. Pinterest doesn’t show everyone every pin you pin, so scattering in your lead magnet frequently (maybe once every 100 pins or so) allows it to continuously show up in your followers’ feeds so there’s a better chance of them seeing it.

Ready to make some changes and grow your email list? Set aside some time this week to tackle one (or all) of the above growth strategies. Remember, growing an email list takes time as well as trial and error. Sometimes you don’t get it right the first time and that’s okay. The trick is to constantly analyze and readjust until you find out what works. So don’t give up. You’ve got this!

Figuring out how to add opt-ins precisely where you want them can be a pain. And styling them? A nightmare. But if you’re using MailChimp for your email list, you’re in luck! I’m releasing my first course, MailChimp Made Simple, in a few weeks. It’ll walk you through all of the steps needed to get your opt-ins added seamlessly to your website. Want to be notified when it launches? Click here to sign up.

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