The 5 Pages Your Service-Based Business Website Needs

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The 5 Pages Your Service-Based Business Website Needs

So you’re planning on building a website. Awesome. A website is a must-have for any service-based business. But what do you put on your website? What pages does a service-based business website require?

There’s no correct answer really. The thing is, each business has different goals, therefore the pages you include on your site may differ slightly from those on other sites. However, as a service-based business your number 1 goal is to book more clients, right? Keeping that in mind, there are a few pages that your site must absolutely have. Here’s a look at 5 pages your service-based business website needs.

1. About Page

The first page your website needs is an about page. Now contrary to what it sounds like, your about page isn’t really about you. It’s about your potential clients.

The goal of this page is to tell people how you can help them. While yes, people want to know who you are, really they are in it for themselves. How does your business benefit them? Your about page should successfully tell potential clients how hiring you will solve their problems so that they feel an immediate connection and want to hire you.

With that being said, while the focus of an about page should be on them, don’t forget to include a bit about yourself and/or your business. People only hire people they trust, so adding a brief blurb about how you got to where you’re at or any other relevant info will help them make a connection with you.

Want more tips on crafting the perfect about page? Check out this post on awesome about pages.

2. Contact Page

What good is your website if people can’t contact you? Think about it, how will people hire you? They won’t just stumble across your website and magically become your client. They need to reach out to you first. A contact page allows them to do just that.

Your contact page should include all relevant info in order for potential clients to contact you quickly and easily. Include any contact info such as email address, phone number, and even location (if you meet with clients in person). Another great thing to include is a contact form. This makes asking questions or requesting more info a breeze. And if you want people to hire you, you need to make it easy! And don’t forget about including social media links or any other info that people will need in order to get in touch.

3. Services Page

As a service-based business, you obviously offer services (duh). So what good is a website that doesn’t list them? Including a services page that lists all your services is a great way to make sure you’re attracting the right clients.

Potential clients want to know exactly what you offer so they can decide whether or not your services will be a good fit. If you’re a VA looking for a web designer, you’re not going to contact a web designer who specializes in sites for the food industry, right? While they could in theory design a website for you, it’s not going to be a good match.

Your services page should go into detail to ward off people that don’t need to hire you. Likewise, it should also reel in those that are your ideal client.

4. Blog Page

Many businesses don’t blog, and that’s fine. However, as a service-based business owner, I think blogging is an absolute must. People will want to hire you to solve their problems. But before they do that, they want proof that you can help them.

That’s where blogging comes in. By publishing blog posts that help potential clients, you’re providing them with a way to achieve quick results. And when they see that they’re getting results from your content, they’ll be more likely to reach out and hire you. After all, your blog posts won’t be solving ALL of their problems and since you’ve already helped them, they’ll know that hiring you is worth the investment.

5. Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy

The fifth (and sixth) pages your service-based business site needs are a terms and conditions page and a privacy policy page. While these may be somewhat boring and unexciting, the fact is, these pages are an absolute must.

A terms and conditions page tells the user the rules that they must abide by when using your site. A privacy policy page informs users exactly how you will use any information you gather from them.

I am not a lawyer, so I’m not going to really go into specifics on these pages, but there are a ton of resources out there to help you create them. A quick Google search will provide you with tons of templates, but I recommend taking it a step further and hiring a lawyer to draw up these pages for you as what is required on them may differ depending on your website and your location. If a lawyer is out of your budget, a good middle ground is to purchase a template from a lawyer. These are better than any of the freebies offered online and should be good enough to get you started.

There you have it, 5 (or rather 6) pages your service-based business website needs. Of course, your website will likely need many more pages than this, but these are the ones that are must-haves from the get-go. When launching your website, make sure to include these and your business will be getting started on the right foot!

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  1. Hey there Allyssa! This is a great short reminder post for anyone who wants a website! I love how you included the Privacy Policy + Terms and Conditions. I completely agree that those pages seem boring but they are especially important for people who want to work with affiliates, ad agencies and etc.

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