How to Use LastPass to Share Passwords

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How to Use LastPass to Share Passwords

How to Use LastPass to Share Passwords

When working with a web designer or developer you’ll usually have to hand over the passwords to one (or more) accounts. I mean, how else is your new site going to get launched?

With WordPress, you can create a new user for your designer, which you can delete at any time. But what about all of the other services that you might have to hand over the passwords for? It’s in your best interest to change the password once work is completed, but who has time for that?

Luckily, LastPass can help. If you’re not already using LastPass (why not?), let me fill you in. LastPass is a password manager that allows you to store all of your passwords in one convenient, secure location. Since we all should be using unique, strong passwords (think capitals, symbols, and numbers) on every site, remembering them all can be quite tricky.

LastPass makes it easy. All you have to remember is one password (your LastPass password). Remember that and you can easily fill out the login info for any site you save!

But what does that have to do with web design?

Well, LastPass has an awesome sharing feature. And this sharing feature comes in handy when it comes to sharing your login info with your designer. It allows your designer to securely store your login info so they have easy access, but it also gives you the piece of mind of knowing that 1) they can’t actually view the password, and 2) you can revoke access at any time.

Here’s how to use LastPass sharing to share your login info with a designer.

Login to your LastPass account and hover over the red plus sign button in the bottom right. Then click on share.

How to Use LastPass to Share Passwords With a Designer

In the popup, enter the email address of the person you want to share the login info with. Then in the items to share dropdown, select the items you wish to share. When you’re done, click on share.

How to Use LastPass to Share Passwords With a Designer

The person you shared with will receive a notification, which they will have to accept. Once accepted, they can use the login info like they would any other information saved in LastPass.

Sidenote: The person you are sharing passwords with will need a LastPass account, which is free!

Easy right? It’s a win-win for both you and the designer. Sharing via LastPass allows for easy access all while remaining secure. Try it out the next time you need to share passwords.

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  1. What are the instructions on the designer end? They accept, hit the launch button and new window goes to website and they are prompted to the login fields. Now what? Nothing is happening on their end.

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