3 Reasons Why Landing Pages are an Important Part of Your Website

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3 Reasons Why a Landing Page is an Important Part of Your Website | Your blog has a ton of pages, right? So what happens when someone lands on a random page? Will they immediately know who you are and what you're selling? It's important to design each page as a landing page so new visitors can get a sense of what your blog is about. Click through to learn why landing pages are so important

Today I have Heide of KOL Blogging Business sharing the importance of landing pages on your website.

You work hard to market your blog on social media. You contact every blogger you know and share your content. You even round up your family and friends and tell them to check out your blog. Finally, you have a good amount of traffic coming in through your blog but that traffic is ignoring your business and you’re not exactly making any money out of it. Sound familiar?

Blogging is one of the best marketing strategies online for your business and a blog design is a huge factor that contributes to convince your readers to be interested in your business or what you can offer them. One detail of a blog design that you can use to get your audience to sign up is a landing page. A landing page is a part of your website or blog that is a dedicated page only for your products or services.

A great example of a landing page is right here on Allyssa Barnes’ website. This page is specifically designed for her website design services. And it can show you the important parts of a landing page that you need to get more customers or clients for your business.

On this article, you’ll be able to learn why a landing page is important to have on your blog and it may answer why, even with a huge amount of traffic coming into your blog, your audience are not signing up.

Landing Pages Showcases and Expounds the Products and Services that You Offer

When readers visit your site, they’re mostly interested in just reading your blog posts. They stay on your published posts where they mostly see your content. Sure, you can include an opt-in at the bottom of your post or on the sidebar for your readers to sign up for your business and buy something from you or hire you for your services. But because of too many distractions on a blog post, it’s highly unlikely that your readers will be able to see that opt-in. Also, even if they do see it, it’s still highly unlikely for them to be signing up. Why? Because they’re not that convinced to start spending some money on you. Where as a landing page will lead them to a showcase area. Anyone who clicks through to that is most likely interested on what you have, but may not yet be convinced. The landing page is your tool to showcase and expound on your products or services.

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If we look at the Allyssa’s landing page for her website design services, she does a great job at convincing people by having a certain paragraph where she asks them to imagine what they’re blog or website will be like if she will be able to help them. She’s providing the result possibilities of a great blog design and urging them with the opportunity of success–“That could be you.” This is the first part of her landing page and as her potential client scrolls down nodding and agreeing to every word, she then expounds of what she can offer, which makes it even more mouth-watering and results to a client that can’t wait to book Allyssa’s web design services.

Another great thing about a landing page is you can display the rates of your products here instead of displaying it on your homepage or around your blog posts. Psychologically, people are afraid of price tags. If your products are a bit pricey and this is the first thing that your potential customers will see, they might not even give you the chance to convince them on why they should sign up for it. They’ll probably just leave your site right away.

Landing Pages Generates Leads and Conversions

Like I said, a blog is one of the best marketing strategies for a business. You use it to drive traffic by stroking their interest. You use it as a filter to know who might be interested in the topics relating to your business. A landing page is an additional filter, that screens who the potential clients or customers are. This is called lead generation. Once those leads are generated, you can showcase your products and services and expound on them. Whoever buys from you, hires you, or signs up on what you offer, is converted. This is now your conversion. Through a landing page, you can generate leads and more conversion. This is something a blog post or a simple opt-in can’t do for your business.

A great way to create conversion through a landing page is also by including testimonials of your past clients or to display the work that you’ve already done. Allyssa has this on her website design landing page and she also has a different landing page to display them in larger views. By displaying these, she shows proof that she can do a great job.

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And this also serves as another additional filter. Blog design can come in many types. Minimalist, crazy and wild, manly, I’m not really familiar with that but this landing page, where she shows her past work, exhibits the type of designs that she creates. It will screen those who will be best happy with her design taste, which will lead to better customers instead of ones who won’t be happy with her services.

Landing Pages Can Be Used to Track Who Are Interested on Your Business

Landing pages can also be used as trackers. Let’s face it, not everyone who visits your blog is going to be your clients. Most of them are just curious, or just looking for an answer to a specific question. It’s likely that they’ll leave your blog as soon as they get their answer. You’ll be able to know how much percentage of your traffic is actually interested on your services by the number of visits you get on your landing page.

If you’re also offering freebies, it’s a great way to know who specifically are your fans and most likely potential customers. Allyssa has another landing page for her resource library. Though it’s not much expounded like her website services, it is a landing page that shows only those with password can access. Another psychological thing about this is that people like to be in on the secret or the private community. They don’t want to be left out and it strikes more interest and more curiosity.

As you’ll notice, her blog has a lot of landing pages, which is good. Actually, the more landing pages you have, the more opportunity for conversions you’ll get.

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So start creating your landing pages now, you’ll get better chances of landing a client or getting more customers with a landing page on your site.

7 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Landing Pages are an Important Part of Your Website”

  1. That’s interesting! I had one for like a year, but I found that it just didn’t work for me at the time, maybe one day I will go back to one who knows? I couldn’t seem to gather more information to add to it then I already had on said pages, which said to me I didn’t really need it.

    1. Hi, Noor. There may be reasons why a landing page didn’t work for you before. A few of those reasons may be due to low volume of traffic coming into your blog. A landing page is used for conversion. If you don’t have traffic, there won’t be anything to convert. Another reason may be due to mismatch of niche. You may be attracting the wrong audience to your blog that are not interested in what you offer in your Landing Page. I did take a quick peak at your site and looks like you’ve got something big going on. I’m totally loving your designs from your shop. But you may be right about your Landing Pages. They may still need a little more work. Anyway, don’t give up. With your talent, I’m pretty sure you’ll figure out what to put in your landing pages soon. Thanks for your thoughts and keep blogging!


      1. Thanks for the reply, I’ve enjoyed reading through it. However, I’m not sure not having a homepage or feeling you don’t like one equals low traffic, thousands of sites don’t use one. I think it’s just about figuring out what you feel works, and what maybe doesn’t work. I was only stating that for me personally it didn’t since it was stuff I already had covered in other places, and didn’t really need to duplicate, but hey who knows in 6 months maybe I’ll change my mind, and love one.

        I don’t really see my blog as a business though, it’s just a blog about my life and I happen to be a graphic designer too. I tried blogging only about business in the past, but I found it boring and not me. I’ve been blogging for 8 years now so I’m not planning to “give up”. I just do it for fun, and I guess that’s why I like it.

        My comment was just to say it wasn’t something that worked for me, not to get a critique on my low traffic, out of niche blog that I need to work more on and not give up on.

    2. If you couldn’t think of anything else to add to it, then I agree that it probably wasn’t needed. I think we often get hung up on needing to have certain things, but the fact is, every site is different, and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. Definitely worth trying things out though. And hey, you never know, maybe it will work in the future. Or maybe it won’t 🙂

  2. This is great. I’ve never really thought about it. I’ve recently started a little side business and I’m tying to figure out ways to advise that.

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