Why Going the Cheap Development Route May Be More Expensive in the Long Run

September 23, 2021

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Why Going the Cheap Development Route May Be More Expensive in the Long Run

So you’re in need of a new website. You scour the internet and ask your contacts if they know of anyone who can help you out. You send out emails to multiple people to get quotes. As the quotes roll in, you quickly realize that this is going to be more expensive than you realized. But you need a website. So you reach out to more people, perhaps even contacting someone from one of those freelancing sites, and finally you get a quote that’s within your budget. And that’s who you hire.

Flash forward a few weeks, or maybe even months, and that shiny new website you were promised isn’t so shiny. The entire process has been a nightmare. Your site hasn’t come together as you had hoped. And if you’re unlucky enough, there might not even be a site to show for it. Ugh, what went wrong?

When it comes to website development, you get what you pay for. By going with the cheapest developer, you were signing yourself up for a disaster.

Why hiring a developer based on price is a bad idea

Hiring a developer based on price alone is a bad idea. Why? Because you’re not taking any other qualifications into account. The low price is blinding you from any other glaringly obvious red flags that you would have noticed had you hired based on other criteria. You’re sacrificing quality for a cheap result.

And sometimes that may work out. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find a gem of a developer. But odds are, that won’t happen. There’s a saying in the design world: “good, cheap, and fast – you can only pick two” and that is true with developers as well. When you go cheap, you’ve got to give up either quality or speed. It’s no wonder why you had a bad experience! Those two things really make up the entire experience. Price doesn’t.

And that’s what makes going the cheap route more expensive in the long run. If you didn’t get the results you wanted, you’re then forced to look elsewhere. Maybe you’ll hire another cheap developer to get the job done. Or maybe you’ll splurge a bit more this time around. Either way, that’s more money you’re spending to get the job done. If you had hired based on criteria other than price in the first place, you wouldn’t have to shell out to fix things, thus saving you money.

What to look for when hiring a developer

So then, if you’re not hiring a developer based on price, what should you look for?

I believe the most important thing to look for is referrals. Does this developer come highly recommended from someone you trust? Do they have references to back up their work? Because any good developer will have plenty. And the people who have hired them will want to shout it from the rooftops because the whole experience was a joy.

But beyond just taking someone’s word for it, it’s also so important to chat with them. Get to know them as a person. Do you two mesh well together? Ask them questions about their development background. Find out if they have the skills needed to accomplish what you’re hoping to have done.

Look for someone who is honest about their ability and are transparent about what can and can’t be done. Sure, you’re hiring them, but they shouldn’t make you feel less than and they should be upfront with answers to any questions you may have.

How to hire a good developer without shelling out tons of money

Okay, so you’re not made out of money. You get that you need to hire based on quality, but you just don’t have room in your budget to be shelling out thousands of dollars. What are you to do?

Let your developer know your budget as well as your goals for your website. What are your priorities right now? What can wait a bit? Any good developer will be able to put a plan together that will fit your budget. And maybe that means getting less done to begin with. Or maybe that means tackling things in a different way than originally anticipated. A good developer will want to help you and will find a way that works for the both of you. You just have to be willing to have an open mind.

And side note – while it’s important to not just hire based on price and usually cheaper means disaster, that may not always be the case. Maybe a developer is just starting out and is charging lower prices. The key is to vet them first based on other criteria. If you like what you see and they’re cheap, then go for it. But don’t hire based on price alone.

And on the other hand, don’t just hire a developer because they are more expensive. While a more expensive price may mean that they know their stuff and you’ll get quality service, they may be overinflating their worth. Again, the key is to not look at price as the sole deciding factor in hiring a developer.

If you’ve been burned by a developer in the past and need someone to come in and finish the job they started, get in touch. I’d love to work with you to get your site up and running.

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