8 Incredibly Helpful Blogging Tools You Didn’t Know Existed

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Blogging Tools You Didn't Know Existed | Wish blogging could be a bit easier? It can be! These blog tools are hidden gems that you'll wish you knew about sooner. Click through to find out what they are.

Blogging is so much more than just writing a post and hitting publish. There are always a million things to do. Blogging is pretty much a full time job. So of course, I’m always on the lookout for tools that help making blogging easier. And while there are a million awesome blogging tools out there, there are plenty that are lesser known. Today I’ve rounded up 8 incredibly helpful blogging tools that you didn’t know existed, but wish you knew of sooner.

1. Convert Case

How many times have you typed something only to realize your caps lock was on? Normally in order to correct your mistake you’d have to retype it over. Thanks to Convert Case, that’s a thing of the past. Simply copy and paste the text you want converted, select a new case, and boom. Your text is now properly formatted.

2. Copy Paste Character

Sometimes a blog post calls for a special character, such as a copyright, trademark, or pound sign. Now I don’t know about you but I haven’t the slightest clue how to get those symbols, so I usually just head over to Google in an attempt to find one that I can copy and paste. But that’s where Copy Paste Character comes in handy. It allows you to quickly copy a variety of symbols. No more Googling.

3. Headline Analyzer

Believe it or not, a good blog post title can make a big difference in how your post is perceived. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer helps you put together a title that will get you noticed. When analyzing a title, it’ll provide you with a score out of 100, while also providing you with tips on making your post title better.

4. Blog Topic Generator

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator is genius. It’s perfect for those moments when you’re feeling uninspired. Just enter 3 nouns related to your blog’s niche into the generator. It’ll provide you with a week’s worth of post ideas. Now keep in mind that it’s not perfect, but it’s still a great jumping point for generating new blog post ideas.

5. Qzzr

Who doesn’t love a fun, entertaining blog post? If you’d like to infuse a bit of Buzzfeed-like entertainment into your blog, look no further than Qzzr. Qzzr is a tool that allows you to create and embed fun quizzes into your blog posts. If you’ve ever wondered how to create a quiz for your blog, this is the answer.

6. TinyPNG

Slow loading site? Gigantic images? Just want to speed things up a bit? TinyPNG is an online image compression tool. Just upload your images to the site and download the newly compressed version. Compressing your images reduces the file’s size, which helps when it comes to site loading times.

7. Grammarly

Grammarly is a Chrome extension that aides you in becoming a better writer. It’ll scan what you’re writing and point out spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and more. And best of all, it works anywhere in your browser, from your WordPress dashboard to your inbox.

8. Hemingway Editor

Another tool to help you write better is Hemingway Editor. It shows the current reading level of your text and provides you with suggestions to make your writing clearer and more concise.

What are your favorite lesser known blogging tools? Share them in the comments below!

24 thoughts on “8 Incredibly Helpful Blogging Tools You Didn’t Know Existed”

  1. Halo Allyssa. Your tips are so useful, thank you.
    Yesterday Email from you permitted me to finally get rid of the ugly Avatar. Now, they are such as he wants.
    You write so necessary things and that is why writing is fun and easy
    Thank you

  2. I just started using Grammarly and love it. Not only do I use it for my blog, but my teenagers are using it for essay writing. It has saved some much heartache and frustration.

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  5. This is a great list. I have only heard of Grammarly. I love that there are so many tools available to bloggers now – it makes things so much easier. Thank you for sharing! I’m going to pin this for later.

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