Right now, you need WordPress development support. You’ve tried to hire the right professional. But it NEVER works out.

You’ve got your web design all queued up. But your site is on layaway, stuck on a high-up shelf that feels out of reach. You KNOW your website won’t coast on looks alone. You need functionality and a responsive web developer who will take care of you at every step. And you’re seriously exhausted being in a holding pattern because you’ve hired developer after developer who ghost you before your project gets done.

We get it: finding a good developer is difficult. But what if you could get your emails answered in a timely manner and your questions answered with ease without feeling condescended to?

The honest truth? Web development should be an easy, stress-free process for you. That’s why I'm here to help your business thrive, support you in the long term, and give your website features that will wow your ideal clients + get your biz noticed.

Taking the stress of development off your plate is easier than you think.


Hey! I'm Allyssa!

I’m an experienced developer who has been building websites for over 15 years. I’m here to support you so you can get unstuck and stop Googling code.

It wasn’t always clear that this would be my path: Before I started Italicized Creative 9 years ago, I quit a soul-sucking job after just 3 months because it wasn’t right for me. I dove headfirst into full-time self-employment but it wasn't until 2018 that I threw out all my other offerings to focus on one thing: providing dependable WordPress support to designers.

I started this business because I’ve always been someone who craved living a life on my own terms. Now, I help others do the same through WordPress development that allows designers the ability to focus on what they love: design.

To me, your website isn’t just another project. It’s a long-term partnership where I help support you in all your WordPress needs so your business can thrive!

Developers have a bad reputation of disappearing and being hard to get a hold of. Allyssa was great about responding quickly and always being available when needed!