You're running a successful business designing brands and websites for amazing clients. But there's one thing that makes your projects less than ideal — your clients never want just a brand or design. They want a fully functioning website. And while you've been quickly whipping together Squarespace sites to suit their needs, you'd rather stick to design and leave site building to someone else.

That's where Italicized Creative comes in. Italicized Creative is a development studio that works with designers like you to give your clients a new, gorgeous website, all without you having to touch a line of code. Team up with Italicized Creative and deliver exactly what your clients are after without the added stress. It's a win-win!


Hey! I'm Allyssa.

I've been creating websites in one form or another for over 15 years. It started as a hobby and led me to studying interactive multimedia and computer science in college. Fast forward to today and I run my own business helping designers like you make the internet a more beautiful place.

Recent Work


My Story

I've always been someone who craved living life on my own terms. I switched majors twice in college before landing on the perfect one. I quit a soul-sucking job with no prospects lined up after just 3 months because it was a poor fit. I dove headfirst into full-time self-employment because it felt like the right thing to do.

And most recently, I decided to completely rebrand Allyssa Barnes Web Design as Italicized Creative and streamline my services to only offer WordPress development. After 5 years of growing a successful business, I threw it all out the window to follow my gut and build a new business that allows me to focus on what I enjoy.

Because building a life I love is important to me. And I've learned to run my business in the same way. I choose what services to offer and how I grow my business based on what feels right to me.

Because of this, I've set out to help others build the business of their dreams. If building websites doesn't sound amazing to you, let it go. Focus on design and get in touch. When you partner with others who shine in complementary areas, the end result is bound to be magical. ✨

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